Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feeling very lucky :)

Feeling very lucky.
Writing a new song called "What are you thinkin' of"....but still workin on "I could write a book", and workin on "Christmas playtime" and the Bill withers tribute song "You just can't smile it away" with my friend the cool and unmistakable, Mr Chet Fortune. The writing process is the most exciting to me, I enjoy all other aspects, but for me the real thrill is watching something come together from a blank page.                                                                                                                                  

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I cant argue with this.....Music has a great purpose and does breathe life into the soul. :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Just Cruizin'

My latest song and video is called Just Cruizin'. Its a song about two people going their seperate ways and although they have seperated she will always be with him. In life there are those people who touch you so much that even if they go somewhere else you will never forget them. This guy in this song has resigned himself to the situation and is now just driving, Cruising...into the night.
Look out for it in the next few days :)....oh and thanks for spending a little time with me !...I really appreciate it !...have a great weekend !

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yay !

Well, I have 5 songs that have reached the semi final stage of the UK songwriting contest !
..Shifting Sands....Mr Angel....Curse the moon...Love like there's no Tomorrow  (Yates & Jeavons)
 and Breaking Silence !....will any go further?...who knows ?...but this is a good result already as   only 1 out of  5 entries reach the semi-finals !
Reachin' out got to the finals last year.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Nuts !

I spent quite some time collecting nuts that the squirrells had left behind. I got them home to find that the nuts weren't developed when i opened them, that's why they left them on the floor. The only nut that was developing was me. :(
.......Its true with Music too, sometimes just enough IS enough. Simplicity really does shine, just because we can throw loads of instruments in the mix doesnt mean that the song will be better for it.
Take a lesson from the Squirrell.....He only gathers what he needs. Have a great weekend ! :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What is success ?

What is success ?
 A couple of things brought this question to mind today.
 I came across a man who had so much money that he didnt know what to do with it !. He also had divorce papers served that morning and was about as unhappy as it gets.
I also came across a lady who also had a very comfortable lifestyle and yet was preparing to take her husband who has dementia into a home. She too was distrought.
I pondered on how many "successful" people in the music business had reached their goal of fame, money, lifestyle, only to be a headline for all the wrong reasons such as drug overdose, suicide, Anorexia, bulimia.
                   Reaching your goal is a wonderful thing. Being happy in your skin for who you are and enjoying the creativity you possess is another. Life isnt easy, never has been, never will be, but appreciating the good times and being content with what you have accomplished and yet will accomplish in the future is the lifeblood of the artist.
                   I asked the question earlier.......What is success ?...Is it reaching a place ?
                                           ......or is it being IN a good place ?......What do you think ?.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Its a commercial world.....but life isnt commercial.

It was one of those hot, sunny, summer days, a rarety in the UK, but not this year. I was sitting in my jeep with my Staffordshire bull terrier "Diesel" aka "Diesyboy". A woman approached my open window and started talking to me like we were friends, and natural, talking about dogs and how she had seven rescue dogs to care for. This believe it or not made my day. It is the norm for people by and large to just walk past each other leaving a sense of you being in the way of their things to do. I pondered on this simple yet meaningful moment amid the mundanity of everyday life. The music business is very commercial....."you have to do this to get that"..."push yourself forward"...please the Producer guru's who will tell you how your music has to be if you want to be "somebody" or get anywhere.
                                 Life, real life is not commercial, it is what it is at any given moment. The lady who wanted to be herself with me today, chat, and smile about something we hold in common with smiles and laughter and cheerfulness wasnt asking for anything but just appreciating things for what they were. This reminded me of those people who tell me how much my music affects them and how much they enjoy it without any mention of "You have to do this to get that"no they enjoyed the moment of being with me for that four minutes of a song and it made them feel, like this comment I received from a listener on Soundcloud......
                                 "What wonderful things soundcloud turns up. This is quite beautiful and touching. For me, what makes it especially good is the way you are in touch vocally with the lyrics, those careful intonations are wonderful and the restraint of the voice to suit the delicacy of the sentiment is so well handled. Boy does that sincerety come shining through regarding the sentiment which propels this song, I love everything about it. I think that with heartfelt lyrics like this you cannot take the singer out of the song and I truly believe it has your character woven throughout, sorta like a signature underpinning everything. This is what gives so much strength to it, there is no plastic, nothing contrived or commercial about it,. I believe it conveys what a song should convey, sincerity. It's much like I'm present as you are talking to someone about something very special. Thank you for posting this and may I also say that your profile 'about me' is as poetic in a way as anything else I've read. I've been wondering lately why I bother to create things at all, and here I find my answer in your song, because it is just worth doing for its own sake, a form of self expression that may strike empathy with another human being. Well done Jason. A beautiful melody and it's what I look for in music, raw and meaningful. Best wishes".  Soloneili at 4.07
                                    At the end of the day we have to realise that yes Life has become very commercial.....But REAL
life and genuineness is not and will never be that way.