Friday, 17 October 2014

Distraction therapy.

Sometimes I find as a songwriter the need to NOT think about songs. Writing songs, for me anyway, can be an intense thing, so much so that a song I am working on can be in my head almost every minute of the day. For me I find things like browsing in antique shops can take my mind off music and just put me somewhere else for a while. I wandered into a great shop today in Ironbridge Shropshire, a place where I used to live some years ago. The name of the place is Ironbridge Antiques Arts and Crafts Centre (I have included details below) and straight away i noticed how this was one of those shops that had something for everyone. The prices were varied to suit everyone's pocket and so you weren't left with that feeling of "Should I be in here"?
             I saw one of those Tea pots my grandmother used to have, the one shaped like a cottage, and that put me back to my youth because my grandparent's reared me during that period, ok so my grandmother's never saw a pot of tea because it was full of things like elastic bands and paper clips and stuff, but that's not the point, I got to rest my mind from endless idea's and mental tweaking about music.
            The staff were friendly and helpful and the cafe in the shop gave me Coffee to help me on my way visiting what else Ironbridge had to offer.
             If you get to go to Ironbridge in Shropshire UK, be sure to visit, Its well worth it !
                        What do you do to get away from being too intense with your music or other projects ?

Monday, 13 October 2014

You can't argue with feelings.

Emotions are what they are. You can stretch them, they can be torn, they can be numbed, you can wear them out. I have always said that you can debate about many things in the intellectual arena...but you can never argue with feelings....raw emotion. I met up with an older lady last week, someone I had crossed words with. She didnt agree with me and I didnt agree with her. It became a heated argument, and why not ? after all she was criticizing my choice of dog breed and had clearly been taken in with the propaganda from the media.....The point is this....We both crossed that boundary which showed our true feelings. I believe that until people see how we feel, and see that passion, its difficult for them to be REAL in our company. Our meeting this time, just last week, showed a wealth of understanding behind the eyes, you know where you look at someone and you can see a difference but its nothing you can tangibly explain ? The barrier had been crossed and we are now friends even without having to aknowledge it verbally.
You can't argue with feelings. They are our true self without the social restrictions of cultural interference.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The world.

We are in awe of it. Its nature, its magnificence its beauty. It also reminds us, especially in light of recent events, how vulnerable everything is. There are people who are intent on destruction and hate and violence. There are people who have little or no respect for human life whilst at the same time there are people willing to put themselves in very dangerous positions to save someone's life amid dreadful diseases.
I write and sing songs. I am no one special at all, just someone who loves life and would rather respect and preserve it, than destroy it, and regardless of whatever went on in the past with our respective histories,(often a mix of both good and evil acts) connect with people in a peaceful way.
I write and perform songs, that's all, but I am glad that I am involved in one of the beautiful things about human life, something Artistic, something that makes people feel, and feel in a good way.
          Music is a beautiful thing.


Friday, 3 October 2014

All Of Me.

Well I dont think I have struggled so much to finish a song ! I have no idea why. Its not as if I was attempting to take on too much or anything, I guess that life is like that sometimes. I know for a fact though that if things change in your life it affects the way you feel, which then spills out into whatever you are doing, so maybe that's it. Anyway.....I will be releasing "All of me", very soon !.
Have a great weekend !

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feeling very lucky :)

Feeling very lucky.
Writing a new song called "What are you thinkin' of"....but still workin on "I could write a book", and workin on "Christmas playtime" and the Bill withers tribute song "You just can't smile it away" with my friend the cool and unmistakable, Mr Chet Fortune. The writing process is the most exciting to me, I enjoy all other aspects, but for me the real thrill is watching something come together from a blank page.                                                                                                                                  

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I cant argue with this.....Music has a great purpose and does breathe life into the soul. :)