Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Piece of Me...Thanks !

A BIG thanks for the lovely comments pertaining to my Album A Piece of Me.
One woman ordered two more copies to send to her friends and said "she loved it".
You can buy A Piece of Me as an mp3 download from is the link.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Great rehearsal !.

Had a real cool laid back but productive rehearsal with Alex today, topped off with a couple of beers ! know it makes sense ;)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Apology for any inconvienience.

I am sorry to report, that I have been blocked from my 3 Facebook sites.
All I did was copy and paste a set list for a gig to my friend and woosh !...It wouldnt send it and I was instantly Blocked, and after some research it looks like I could be off for a while :(...One guy was off for a month and was still waiting !. I do a lot of connecting via Facebook so please feel free to contact me here. I put a lot of stops on the list creating lines, and I think that some computer belonging to Facebook may have needlessly picked it up as spam.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Had to share this !

 This was a wonderful comment after listening to my song,  "Thank You For These Days".
     Thank you Neil for your generous spirit !.

 “This is quite beautiful and touching. For me, what makes it especially good is the way you are in touch vocally with the lyrics, those careful intonations are wonderful and the restraint of the voice to suit the delicacy of the sentiment is so well handled. Boy does that sincerety come shining through regarding the sentiment which propels this song, I love everything about it. I think that with heartfelt lyrics like this you cannot take the singer out of the song and I truly believe it has your character woven throughout, sorta like a signature underpinning everything. This is what gives so much strength to it, there is no plastic, nothing contrived or commercial about it,. I believe it conveys what a song should convey, sincerety. It's much like I'm present as you are talking to someone about something very special. Thank you for posting this and may I also say that your profile 'about me' is as poetic in a way as anything else I've read.”
- Neil, Soundcloud-Comment