Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Just love this !

This is actually a great bit of self awareness for us all, but also useful as a Songwriter.
If you get one of those moments where you just seem really out of sorts, and dont know what to do with yourself, maybe its because something in the past is getting you down.....Or Maybe something in the future is causing some anxiety. This piece of superb wisdom can now help.....enjoy something in the present...give yourself that bit of ME time and relax in the moment,...then after feeling refreshed see how much better it feels to try that new song idea again.
             So.....meditate on this.....


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Be Yourself.

This is very true in a musical sense. Find out what kind of music and sound YOU make and let the others be who THEY are. Inspiration is gaining from and not copying something or someone else.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Music is....

Came across this today.
I think that pretty much sums it up. Music is a catalogue of emotional responses to life and the joy it brings and also the sorrow it dishes out too. My life has had its fill of the latter, and I am sure I dont stand alone there. What I still find remarkable is that there is always a great shout out about having a good time yet the most played songs of all time featured 8/10 sad songs. I personally think that we all like to feel that we are in touch with our feelings, and Music makes you feel.
          Why sad songs ?  Maybe its because there is an intensity that goes beyond just having fun, maybe those sad moments are the ones we felt the most impact with, after all we can only remember so many ice cream cones on a hot summers day and not one of those gave us a big lesson in life that molded and changed our thinking. Happy songs are great by the way, and I need my fill of those too.
          What do you think ?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Inspiration

I have been asked on numerous occasions,.. "Where does you inspiration come from?"
So....I will attempt to explain.
I would have to say that my main inspiration comes from personal feelings attached to real life events. I also have to imagine things. If you only go by personal experiences you have to remember that a lot of life is filled with mundanity, so if you wait for something amazingly mindblowing to give you inspiration for a song, you might be waiting a long time, so I imagine , I imagine how it must feel to be in certain situations, I imagine different angles of that event as if looking through a symbolic Camera lens. My songs are all about feelings, so thats the angle I generally look from.
               For example..."Mr Angel", was a true life event from my childhood. Another song called "Drowning" was meant to capture the feeling of drowning and since that has never happened to me the imagination obviously comes into play, but I am not just talking lyrics, the music also had to make you feel like you were being enveloped by a cold deep sea.
                        As a Songwriter your life will mold where you "come from" with your creations and that's why we are all unique. A landscape Artist can give you an impression which can only be seen from his eyes, we can all see what it is but not exactly the way he sees it,.....Songwriters are no different. It is an immense privilege to be able to touch someone...make them cry....make them smile....make them feel... with a package often lasting under 4 minutes.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Why does a bird sing ?

                                                You might think that to be a strange question,
                                                 but just ponder on the words of this Chinese Proverb

                                                          A bird does not sing
                                                   because it has an answer.
                                                   It sings because
                                                   it has a song.

                                                                             Chinese Proverb

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Would you still do it ?

Would you still play, and compose and write as a songwriter if there was no outlet for your music ?
Would you get up in the morning with an idea in your head and write if it was only for yourself and a few of your friends and family ? I think that If you would then you are a genuine Artist who follows their passion no matter what. All too often now I see Artists who's main motivation seems to want to be somebody, a worldwide recognised Artist, a household name.
                       There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a household name, but at the end of the day
I firmly believe that the TRUE Artist has their passion in their bones and it has to come out. I can't help but still be so affected by the Bill Withers documentary that I saw on TV the other week. He found the fame part difficult and it was apparent that his love for music and writing is his main motivation and even said that he would write for himself if thats all he had. I can't help but respect that attitude, Its honest and true.  So..Would you do it just for you and a few friends ?