Friday, 24 April 2015

Feeling privileged

Yes, I'm feeling privileged to be a singer-songwriter. I knew early on that my passion was for music and that I would be involved in it at some point. I could have been involved in a number of aspects of the music world but I am glad to say that for me being a singer-songwriter is a perfect fit. One of the reasons is that due to my life course I have many things to write about, many feelings to express, and a strong need to be unshackled and let free when it comes to showing these emotions. I will always have a great feeling of excitement when before me lies a blank sheet of paper waiting for me to create something....something from within me, and I will always feel excited about seeing the beginnings of a song start to take shape and become something.
           The great thing for me is that the modern obsession of wanting to "be someone" or a "houshold name" is of little interest to me.....If it happens it happens......but here's the rub.....whether it does or doesn't, nothing changes for me...because I know what I am and dont need to be told by anyone whether my work is worthy or not, the constant feedback from my loyal fans tells me that, and they are the one's I do it for other than myself.
                  My message to my fellow singer songwriters is this...If you know that you write stuff that moves people, makes them feel....then you have have everything.
My music consists of writing, performing and growing in ability and knowledge....getting better at what I do....these things fuel my passion.....and that passion has already rewarded me well !.......Have a great weekend !

Sunday, 29 March 2015


So, the sun peeps through with warmer rays
Inviting hope of better days
I sit and wait to feel it come
Out on the porch when work is done
Alone I wait to feel a friend
Who abandoned me at autumn's end
The fields awaken with a glow
The river shines with twist and flow
My dog appears, he looks at me
Spring is here...just wait and see.

Jason Mark yates

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Not a Jump up and down kinda Guy.

I can really relate to this.....just because you dont jump up and down...doesnt mean you dont feel.

The induction is a compliment. I’m not ambivalent. I’m actually looking forward to it. But I’m not a jump-up-and-down kind of guy. If I go to a football game, I sit there and watch it. I’m not waving my arms and carrying on. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel something, you know. I feel it’s healthier to look out at the world through a window rather than through a mirror. With a mirror, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you.
                             .....Bill Withers on his induction to the rock and roll hall of fame.

I have never been someone who walks into a room and "take's over"...not that I couldn't you understand, I am just happy not making a big show. Bill is a great example of a guy who has feelings which are well presented in his great catalogue of beautiful heartfelt songs. We are all different and that's what makes us interesting to one another......have a great weekend....speak to you soon !

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Random song picker

I decided to share a little app for my I phone called Randomiser/Random picker. I have around 20 songs for my set list for a forthcoming Gig and thought it would be cool to just have any song in the set list thrown up for me to just play from memory in rehearsal, and to be honest it works really well, its very simple in format but to just press the arrow and play whatever comes up is good for keeping you on your no more comfortably picking the song I want to play....just thrown in the deep end....great practice. I hope your week is going well !....speak to you soon.